Hey! I'm Brittany Jones


Hey Busy Momma! My name is Brittany Jones. I'm a wife, mom of 3, counselor turned stay at home mom and life coach. 

After I had my second baby girl my house was completely out of control. It felt like we had stuff everywhere! We had baby stuff, toddler stuff, overflowing kitchen cabinets of cooking gadgets I swore I was going to use, and clothing that my kids were growing in and out of piled up everywhere. 

I felt like I was drowning in the daily tasks of motherhoodmeals, and marriage. I knew I desperately wanted a house that I was proud of and could actually function in without stress. I knew I had to make a plan to just DO IT. 

There was no one out there who was offering any help to moms who wanted to declutter their house from start to finish - to actually do every room and GET IT DONE. 

So once I finally got my house in order (which took a WHILE because I was DIYing by myself) I decided I wanted to help other moms to actually get their house clutter free in 2 weeks, from start to finish. 

I wanted moms just like you and me to be able to have an easy to follow plan where you could feel successful and reclaim your space in mere days rather than the months it seemed to take me. 

I started a website where I would help other moms JUST LIKE US reclaim our homes from clutter and chaos, and actually create a life we love!

Check out all my courses available to you that will help you go from chaos and clutter to loving your life. 

Reach out to me if you have any questions!