Brittany Jones

Build a business that pays you to live your dream life. 

Hey there Mama!!

Just one year ago our life was completely rocked and we were on the verge of losing it all.


My name is Brittany Jones. I'm a wife, mom of 3, counselor turned stay at home mom, life and business coach. But before I became a business coach I was the wife of a very stressed out husband stuck in a job that was eating him alive on the inside. 

Want me to spill the tea??...

here it is ;)...

A new boss came into the company my husband had been at for a decade and decided to "shake things up." Much of that shake up included longer hours, changes of jobs, and an incredible amount of stress as everyone's heads were now on the chopping block.

After watching my husband give 3 YEARS to this craziness, I was legitimately worried that this would be our new life. 

Never seeing daddy, always feeling like we could barely pay bills, and feeling like we were stuck.

The hours were crazy. He went from a normalish work week of 40-50 hours per week to working 70+ hours per week in an insanely stressful work environment (with NO bonuses, gratitude, or promotions in sight).

It was soul crushing...but he was determined to be the provider for our family and he was promised so many times that "his day" for a promotion was never came.

Well, we finally had enough. The proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back" happened one day...a fateful day that changed everything.

We took the next few days deciding what was next - move our family to stay in the same industry? Or stay in the same town but switch industries.

After several weeks of prayer, seeking wisdom, soul searching and podcast episodes...

I finally convinced my husband that if he worked as hard for himself as he was for someone else...we could absolutely make it on our own. 

With LITTLE experience in the world of entrepreneurship... we went ALL IN.

ALL of our time, savings, a mortgage and 3 kids...all on the line. 

But something had to give.

When you work at a job you low key hate (or your husband does) you are DESPERATE to find a way out. 

Thank God for small businesses in this digital age.

I never truly understood the power of owning a small business to help families through this crazy economic time we live in until it worked for us.

I don't care what anyone tells you - there is no such thing as job security. 

Your company doesn't care about your mortgage, kids braces, Disney World vacation dreams, or student loans. But you do.

You care because it affects you directly. And that is a powerful motivator to create income. 

In a nutshell - you have two ways of creating income...either you trade your time for money to make someone else rich...or you decide to work just as hard for yourself and actually create a dream work environment, job passion, and profit. 

If you are ready to get out of the "rat race" and create income from home doing what you ABSOULTELY LOVE...this is the place for you sweet mama!

Your skillset, passions, experiences, and talents can open financial doors for you that you've only dreamed of. 

I literally cannot image where we would be if we hadn't made the jump. 

Still at a job my husband hated, where he felt unvalued, used, and stuck. 

But now, he feels creative, passionate, and like his business is full of potential.

So whether you are working a job you low key hate, or just ready to transition from stay at home mom to "money making mama" - I can help. 

PS - We out earned my husbands previous company by month 2! And hit 6 figures of profit in less than a year. 

And I can show you how too ;) 

Make Your dreams come true for under $100