Do you want to finally get your home clutter free but feel totally overwhelmed by the idea of where to even start? 

  • Are you tired of the piles that seem to be everywhere?
  • Feeling frustrated that your kids have like a million toys but never play with them?

  • Maybe you would just love to open your dresser drawer and clothes NOT spill out of it!

The struggle is about to be over sweet Momma - by using this simple, effective, and super easy to follow action packed plan you can have finally have a CLUTTER FREE HOME in just 2 weeks - from start to actually finished!

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Has this ever happened to you? You finally decide today is the day and you are going to tackle your kids messy room. You walk in and immediately feel a sense of complete overwhelm by just how much stuff there is to declutter. Defeated before you have even started, you just walk right back out vowing to “do it later.”



  • How would it feel to have someone hold your hand and walk through this process with you?
  • How would it feel if you had someone to tell you EXACTLY where to start in each space, what to start with, and how to actually FINISH decluttering the entire house?

Imagine with just a little bit of encouragement, a plan, (and coffee!) from a mom who's totally been THERE you could go from completely overwhelmed by clutter to everything not only decluttered but out of the house. GONE.

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Clutter Free Crash Course

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Inside Clutter Free Crash Course you are going to get all of this (and more!)...

  • Step by step action plan to decluttering your entire house
  • Decluttering plan that takes only an hour per day and just 2 weeks
  • Simple, easy to follow, decluttering plan for each room of your house
  • To reclaim your home from the endless piles and trash
  • Best of all - your kids can be involved...without tears!!!

The last thing I want for your decluttering journey is to give up before you have even started, or started with one room then spend all your energy and emotions so you quit on the rest of the house.  

You know your house feels out of control, but you just haven't been able to get finished!

Imagine how you would feel 2 weeks from now if your house were FINALLY clutter free. Imagine the freedom you would feel being set free from clutter and chaos!

IN just 2 weeks you can home each day to a house that no longer has piles, no longer has excess furniture, toys your kids actually love to play with, and drawers that aren’t spilling clothes out every time you open them!

Hey there Momma!

My name is Brittany Jones. I'm a wife, mom of 3, counselor turned stay at home mom and life coach. 

After I had my second baby girl my house was completely out of control. It felt like we had stuff everywhere! We had baby stuff, toddler stuff, overflowing kitchen cabinets of cooking gadgets I swore I was going to use, and clothing that my kids were growing in and out of piled up everywhere. 

I felt like I was drowning in the daily tasks of motherhood, meals, and marriage. I knew I desperately wanted a house that I was proud of and could actually function in without stress. I knew I had to make a plan to just DO IT. 

There was no one out there who was offering any help to moms who wanted to declutter their house from start to finish - to actually do every room and GET IT DONE. 

So once I finally got my house in order (which took a WHILE because I was DIYing by myself) I decided I wanted to help other moms to actually get their house clutter free in 2 weeks, from start to finish. 

I wanted moms just like you and me to be able to have an easy to follow plan where you could feel successful and reclaim your space in mere days rather than the months it seemed to take me. Wouldn’t that be amazing to be done in just 2 weeks?!

Psst...want a sneak peak of what you’ll get inside of Clutter Free Crash Course??

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Declutter 101 - ($197 value) 

  • Mindset shifts to make BEFORE you get started

  • How to stay motivated so you actually FINISH your whole house

  • Set up a reward system for yourself (and family members) to celebrate your success because you need to celebrate this amazing change you are making!

  • All the supplies you need to grab beforehand so you aren’t running to the store on your first day wasting all your decluttering time and energy

  • How to handle sentimental items so you don’t get stuck while making progress

  • A two week action plan that will help you see the bigger picture of how to organize this decluttering sprint

  • Day by day decluttering plan that will help you know which order to do your decluttering in to make the MOST progress in the easiest way possible

  • How to set a date to get started and finished, and how to stick to it

  • Troubleshooting common problems such as what to do when you feel stuck

  • What to do with sentimental items so you don’t offend anyone, and how to keep the ones you WANT to keep in a place of honor

  • How to get your husband on board with decluttering

  • How to set up a closet you LOVE so you stop spending time digging through your closet each morning just to grab yoga pants anyways because it’s completely overwhelming

  • How to set up a system for your kids clothes so you can store away seasonal things and clothes you want to pass down to the next kid 

Ready, Set, Declutter! - ($59 value) 

Worried you won’t be able to find time to actually DO this? 

  • How to carve out just one hour a day for just 2 weeks by stopping just a few time wasters each day

  • Create the time by making simple changes in your schedule that will save at least 30 minutes each day

  • How to get ask your family to help with basic chores so you can spend that time decluttering

  • How to use your phone to help you stay on task mode 

  • How to keep yourself motivated each day to get done faster

  • Why you should take “before” and “after” pictures to save time

  • How to prep for your 2 week home decluttering so you aren’t wasting your first days just grabbing supplies from the store

  • Tips and tricks to “outsource” some of the things that are stressful in your day so you can focus for just 2 weeks on reclaiming your house

  • And an action plan to do all of this!


Tear-Free Decluttering for Kids - ($59 value) 

  • What to say to your kids before you declutter so they are on board for this big change
  • How to turn cleaning and decluttering into a game your kids will WANT to “play”
  • What kind of reward systems work with different kids’ personalities
  • Get your kids excited about decluttering their things
  • Understanding different kids personalities and how that directly affects this process so your relationship gets stronger through this process
  • How to get your kids to help you clean their room WITHOUT yelling, getting angry, or without them crying
  • What things you should keep, and what things you and your kids are ready to let go of
  • How to set up a system for your kids to pass things along to other siblings, cousins, friends, or even a church or charity organization your family loves
  • Learn how to love and support them through this big change and celebrate the “big kid” step they are making in being a part of this process
  • What NOT to do so you don’t get angry with each other, yell, or negatively impact the relationship - your relationship with them comes first and by following this training you can set your decluttering day with them up for major success that all of you can feel great about!

...and these amazing BONUSES!

Clutter to Cash - ($99 value)

Worried about what to do with all of that stuff once it’s out of the rooms? Want to actually make some CASH from this? 

  • How to decide if you should sell, donate, or give away each item
  • How to know if something WILL sell for a good price
  • Decide if you want to sell online or have a garage sale
  • How to set up a successful garage sale that will get stuff gone without taking it all to the dump
  • My favorite online resources for selling your decluttered items
  • How to take pictures of items so they actually SELL
  • Everything to include when you list your items online so they sell fast
  • Learn how you can utilize your social media and popular websites to sell your things without meeting up with strangers
  • A simple to use scale so you know how much you can make from each item and if it’s worth your time to sell
  • Best practices to follow for selling on social media and online so both the seller (you) and the buyer are excited about the transaction
  • How to know when time’s up for how long you should post an item online
  • How to have the best ever “Lazy Garage Sale” that actually brings in good money without spend hours and hours pricing things


Declutter the Decades ($27 value) 

Gain access to this specially curated playlist to keep you motivated, dancing, and singing along! Enjoy some fun nostalgia as you declutter all the things that are hiding around your house from the last couple of decades (or longer!)

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But today you are not going to pay $ can have this whole bundle for only $37 when you grab it right now!


Is this right for me?

I see you there overwhelmed Mom! Are you in one of these phases?? Then this program is definitely for you...

Moms with all the baby things everywhere

When I first started my journey of decluttering, I didn’t even know it was called “decluttering”, I just knew that after baby #2 was born I was drowning in stuff. 

You know, all the baby stuff, toddler stuff, all the clothes sizes they grow in and out of that first 1-2 years. It’s overwhelming! It can be really hard when you are in the stage of life where you are having babies to know what you should keep, how to organize it, how to know if you should let it go, etc. Throughout Clutter Free Crash Course you will learn how to evaluate what you need to keep, how I recommend storing off season and kids things that are being passed down to another child, and what to do with things you aren’t quite ready to let go of. If you have little ones at home and you aren’t sure if you are done having kids, yes, you can absolutely benefit from the Clutter Free Crash Course. And honestly, the sooner you start decluttering the kids' things, the better off you will be as you learn how to evaluate what to keep and what to get rid of as they grow older. 

Moms with little kids

Decluttering with little kids around can be overwhelming! But I’ve got you covered. As they are starting to grow up and their interests and tastes in things change so quickly, your home can easily start to feel like a toy store with toys no one even wants. But, you keep them because “maybe they will like them again” or “I spent a lot of money on that” or “grandma bought that so we have to keep it”, etc. But, if you keep that mentality, then in just a few years your house will be completely overwhelming and out of control. 

Taking this course will help you learn how to set up good communication with your kids about the things they like, want, and need so you can keep things in the house that are beneficial to their learning and development without being overwhelmed by stuff. 

Yes, even kids get overwhelmed by stuff just like adults! But they show it differently (ie - “I’m bored” in a room full of toys). More is NOT better for kids, and once you learn how to communicate with them and teach them how to decide what they really love, you will have a house with things they LOVE and can get to easily rather than stuff everywhere that no one plays with all week.

Modeling this for them while they are young will help you out SO MUCH as they get older. 

Moms with big kids

Ok, you have big kids and you feel like maybe you’ve been failing them! You haven’t been teaching them how to get rid of things, you’ve just been shoving it into the attic, or piling it up in a closet somewhere that you are scared to tackle. 

It’s OK. You are OK. 

It’s not too late. 

Big kids can still learn new skills, I promise. 

By modeling for them what this change looks like, and having them be a part of the process for their own things, you can still teach them these important skills that will greatly benefit them into their adulthood! I go over this in Clutter Free Crash Course. 

When they (one day) get their first place and start to accumulate their own textbooks, clothes, kitchen gadgets, etc, they will have the skill set they need to be able to keep their place clutter free because you started to model and teach them that while they were still at home! 

Your big kids (or maybe even teens) can absolutely be a part of this process and start taking ownership of their things. Learning how to have a home that serves the family and isn’t full of clutter will greatly benefit them so that when they go to college, they are ready to make that step. 

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Okay Brittany, I'm ready to finally be clutter free! So...what do I do now??

Buy the Clutter Free Crash Course and fill out your payment information in the secure payment process.

Go check your email and watch for a confirmation of your purchase that will give you immediate access to Clutter Free Crash Course.

Now just pick how you want to start learning! You can use your computer to watch and listen to the trainings, and now you also have the option (and this is my favorite) to download the app straight to your phone so you can watch and listen on the go! 

That’s it! It’s super easy! Within just a few minutes you can get started on becoming clutter free at home!

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Your house is clutter free, the kids clothes are sorted and neatly put away in their room, you walk into your closet and see just your favorite things that look amazing on you, the living room is actually tidy, the dinner table is clear of clutter, the toys are JUST what the kids love and all excess is gone, your bathroom is a place of relaxation, and you look around the house with great joy knowing that you have created a home that your family can thrive in. And it’s only been 2 weeks. 
Are you ready for this?? 
Let's do it!
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I can't wait to see you on the inside!!

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